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Sensing Gratitude Journal

Sensing Gratitude Journal

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  • A six month journal to practice intentional gratitude. One page for everyday plus six reflection pages (one per month) to use however you choose.
  • A simple yet meaningful way to record the highlights of your day, and find the beauty in the mundane.
  • Designed to improve body image by focusing on embodiment. This journal focuses on the senses to help you recognize what your body does for you, taking the focus off of your appearance.
  • Excellent exercise in mindfulness to reduce depression and anxiety.
  • Fantastic way to start a journaling habit, and will only take one minute to five minutes per day.
  • A meaningful gift for anyone, particularly women and teens!

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Customer Reviews

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Megan Gillan
Love it

My husband bought me this journal for Christmas, and it has been so good to have. I don’t fill out each prompt everyday, but pick one and write a whole page or so on that prompt. I’ve been able to look back and read what I’ve written and see all the beautiful things I have to be grateful for . It’s makes it easier to see how good I have it when things get hard. I do miss days, but never feel guilty about it because it’s not about my daily life, just things I’m grateful for and that flows over into talking about my daily life. From someone that never journaled before it’s been a huge help. Definitely recommend!

Helps my journaling in a whole new way.

I have for years tried to journal. If you were to look at my attempts you would see I have a life for about two months and then suddenly nothing. I have the hardest time sticking with it. Now with this easy journal I can stick with it. I may still miss a day or two here and there. But I can just pick it up where I am. One of the things I love most about this journal is it gives me an opportunity to seek for the simple in everyday life. To be grateful for little things. And then if there are days that have more impactful happenings I can add them to it. I love the simplicity of this and the opportunity to look, to pay attention for the goodness happening in life. I am still not super great but this has helped me so much to see it is doable. Such a great way to journal. Thanks so much for helping me do what seems to be the impossible.

Lydia Famuliner
EVERYONE needs this!

I absolutely love this journal. I have never been good at journaling, but since using this I have been loving it! I love that the prompts help me reflect on my day in a different way than just opening a blank sheet thinking "what did I do today" (boring!!). I write in it every night before I go to bed for about 5 minutes and it has really helped me be more grateful and appreciative of the little, every day things! I am planning on getting my friends this for Mother's Day!

LOVE this! Simple and unique!

I absolutely love this journal! I have been a fairly consistent journal writer throughout my life but feel like I write a lot of the same stuff over and over. This journal is fantastic in its’ simplicity and unique take on things. Instead of just writing what happened in the day you get to think of various simple things that made the day special and I find myself looking through the day for the things I want to write down. Having an increased way to look for ways I am blessed and be grateful for it honestly makes me a better person. I don’t get so stuck in the mundane but can appreciate the little things that make life great! I love the focus on loving what our bodies can do for us too. Our bodies are amazing, no matter what they look like and it should be celebrated, every single day! This journal makes that happen in my mind!

Audrey Ferrin
Feel God’s love

I have a bad habit of mindlessly scrolling through multiple apps. But how do I feel afterwards, you may ask? Definitely not like a million bucks... I feel like I have wasted precious time. Guilt takes over and the spiral begins anew…I dare say I’m not the only one who feels this. I bought this journal in hopes to ground me a bit more. I must say, even after only a few days, I have found myself noticing more of what the journal prompts me to notice: see, smell, hear, feel, etc. I actually get excited to write these things down because I’m smiling more! Also, since I get to write in the date, there is no pressure to do it daily. Trust me though, you’ll find that doing this daily is worth it! Being more aware of how incredible my body actually is (despite the clothing size I wear), I find that I can focus on other things in my life. Instead of being uncomfortable in my skin and fearing what others “think” about me, I am slowly learning (and practicing!) to not care about that but instead try to see myself through God’s eyes and look at myself as He does. This journal is worth every penny. Do something good for yourself; buy this and write in it. I was surprised at how quickly I felt God’s love for me and a gratitude for my body that I haven’t experienced in many, many years. We’re in this together, sister! Remember you are loved!!